I had a lot of fun with Alex and Melissa on their engagement shoot. Before the start of their session I was huddled in the heat of the Drake Hotel near where I was going to meet them. The April weather decided to be frigidly cold and extremely windy. But that didn’t stop us from having some fun barefoot on the lakeshore. They were awesome sports! We went all over downtown including taking a nice little Chicago Water Taxi ride down the river.



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  3. she just learnt to speak hanging out around Thais all day. Sh had no choice because she can’t speak any English! If I am as good as her after 8 years i will be chuffed.:)  TheThailandLife

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  5. Wow, awesome designs, never heard of them before, sadly…My top two fav designs, wow, this one’s a hard one, I’d have to go with Human Being (white) and Paris ’68

  6. My dear brother,I think “on the outside” is the only place we’ll ever meet him. As always, thank you for your support, your friendship, and your patience with me.God’s great peace on you and your house,Br. James