It all started with a garage sale. Well it ACTUALLY started April 9, 1977. That was the day my parents got married. My mom was a beautiful bride wearing a laced long sleeve wedding dress. And it cost $25!!! Well like any other bride my mom had it preserved and it sat in the basement until a few days ago.

It was garage sale day and my mom thought it would be a good idea to sell it for $5! I couldn’t believe it! I stole it out of the garage sale stuff quick and proceeded to give my mom grief about it. I always wanted to use material from my mom’s dress toward something for my wedding one day. So… she gave it to me.

Before we settled for the evening I wondered if my mom would still fit in the dress so I made her try it on for me. I knew this was perfect time to drag her outside in her beautiful garden to do a 15 minute bridal shoot in the dress she was married in 34 years ago. I envy how gorgeous and elegant my mom is. Only she could pull off pulling weeds in a wedding dress. YES, she did pull weeds and then put my dad to work while she got her photo taken. But that is my mom and dad and I love them very much.

Thanks for always supporting me in my dream of being a photographer!

  1. i’m so glad your mom did that for you!!! bc how cute are those pictures? what a treasure.

  2. Wow…Lane, that is beautiful. I just showed my friend here in Kentucky and we both said….awwwww. That is just so sweet. My favorite is the forth one…so beautiful! Hope all is well 🙂