Hello! My name is Lane Fowler (Christiansen) and I am the founder of Willow Lane Photography. I am based out of Springfield, Illinois BUT don’t let that fool you, I travel throughout the Midwest from Chicago to Madison to St. Louis and even further. I love traveling for weddings and exploring exciting new places and unique venues.

When I’m not traveling and documenting weddings I’m at home attempting a new recipe while keeping my labradoodle Nikon from trying to sneak a bite or two. Yes, I named my dog Nikon. He knows exactly what a camera shutter sounds like because he is one of my favorite subjects. I have a camera aimed at him all the time whether we are on a walk or snuggling on the couch with my husband. When visiting with my family I have endless fun moments to document and my family members have grown comfortable with it. I choose to photograph all these times because these everyday moments are the moments I love and always want to look back on, the little details that tell the story of my family and my life.

I am an international award-winning photographer with over eight years of experience working in photojournalism. While my main focus is wedding and family photography, I contribute regularly to the Chicago Tribune and various other publications.

I “cover” your wedding like I would if I were working a news story. With my background in newspapers I always want to maintain a certain level of journalistic integrity. I have a responsibility to my couples to capture the genuine moments of their day. You will not hear from me “Do that again,” or “Can you do that slower?” Life isn’t a stage to act on so why should you be striking a pose during one of the biggest days of your life? Instead I try to catch all your little details so that I may be better able to tell your story.

Photography is a very important part of your wedding.  You want to be able to trust your photographer to document not only the big parts, but also the hidden details of the day.  I work to ensure that the couple is comfortable with me and my work and that the pictures are part of the fun of the day.  A comment I regularly get from brides and grooms is that at the end of the night they felt like I was more of a friend than a photographer.

I always get asked why “Willow Lane Photography?” The truth is my dad came up with the name. Sure, my name is technically part of it but when my dad came up with it he had a mental image of an elegant street lined with willow trees. I think a wedding day, no matter what the setting, is always filled with elegance and I strive to capture that elegance.

Thank you for exploring my work. If you feel like chatting I am always up for phone calls, emails, Skyping or a conversation over coffee.