• Hendzel Productions
    Hendzel Productions

    Hendzel Productions is a boutique film studio in Chicago.

    We take a modern, creative approach to capturing not only the big moments of the day, but the little things you might have missed.

    Our films are like the freezer that preserves the top of your wedding cake.  But unlike wedding cake, our films can be safely enjoyed by future generations.

  • HWu Studios

    hi, i’m henry

    i am just a boy with a big dream and an even bigger heart.

    i love airports, ramen, dogs, hot chocolate, quesadillas, weddings and you.

    as you can tell, i love travel & food but the thing that brings them together is love,

    the world is not worth traveling, food is not worth eating, without love.

    you’re reading this because a step is about to be taken.

    it’s a big step, but we’re not here just to document your day,

    a wedding is but a celebration, what you have is something special,

    we’re here to create a film about you.

  • Chris and Oliver Cinema
    Chris and Oliver Cinema

    WE ARE | a small band of misfits with fancy cameras, big ambitions, & giant imaginations.

    WE LOVE | our wives. the outdoors. adventure. GOING WITH OUR WIVES ON OUTDOOR ADVENTURES.

    WE SING | when necessary which is often!

    WE KEEP IT | classy & fun. real & honest. simple.

    WE THRIVE | on finding the most compelling stories in the most ordinary of moments.

  • Sweet Pea Wedding Studio
    Sweet Pea Wedding Studio

    The first kiss. Saying “I do.” Dancing the night away.

    These are the things you should worry about enjoying on your wedding day.


    Arranging bouquets. Folding programs. Making favors.

    These are things you should not worry about on your wedding day. And when you invite Sweet Pea Wedding Studio to be a part of your special day, you won’t. The memories you take away from your wedding will be ones you’ll want to keep with you for the rest of your life.


    We pride ourselves on taking any bride and groom on any budget and making the wedding planning process as blissful as can be. Adding special, personalized touches to every wedding is something we are passionate about. And with a special place in our heart for budget conscious and DIY brides and grooms, we don’t mind a little handy work for a wedding.


    On a budget? One of Sweet Pea’s specialties is helping to implement DIY projects, including bouquets and centerpieces, which as you probably know, is a large expense in wedding budgets. It sure does sound like a huge task, but when Sweet Pea is a part of your day, we make it simple and affordable.